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Inspired by Ben Milton's "Knave" and OSR gaming, NUKED! is a post-apocalyptic RPG that focuses on rulings, not rules. Players take on the roles of Skrappers - bunker-bustin', raider-killin', and adventure-havin' miscreants in search of one more big score. NUKED! provides rules for hardened road warriors and zany mutants alike, all while keeping things light and quick so everyone can jump right into the action!

NUKED!’s features include:

Fast to learn, easy to play. If you’re new to tabletop adventure games, NUKED! allows you to make characters and understand all the rules in minutes.

No classes. Every Player Character (PC) is a Skrapper, a bunker-busting, an adventure-seeking miscreant who can pick up and use a powerful pre-Blast relic as easily as a spiked baseball bat. A PC’s role in the crew is determined largely by the equipment they carry and the perks and mutations they pick up along the way.

Abilities are king. All d20 rolls use the same standard abilities. No need to memorize a list of skills or special modifiers.

50 level-less perks and mutations. To help provide character advancement and customization. Don’t just get stronger, get weirder.

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License: You are free to share and adapt this material for any purpose, including commercially, as long as you give attribution.

Inspired by:

  • Mad Max
  • Fallout
  • Tank Girl
  • Knave
  • The Black Hack
  • Mork Borg

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AuthorsT. Thomas Giant, Mac
TagsItch Funding, knave, mad-max, OSR, Post-apocalyptic, scifi, Tabletop role-playing game, zimo


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