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This adventure details 4 levels of an ancient megalith in a remote borderland region. The dungeon is full of strange creatures, hungry monsters, and powerful magic. It should be placed at least one day’s travel from a small village or hamlet on the edges of human lands. Characters will likely need to travel back and forth from town to rest and resupply and this journey should not be trivial, so be sure to challenge them with difficult terrain and dangerous foes.

The adventure is not balanced for any specific party size or character level and is presented in a system-agnostic format for use with your preferred analog roleplaying game, though Volume 2 Monsters & and &&&&&&&&& Treasure by Luke Gearing are the intended bestiary and treasure guide.

Writing and layout by T. Thomas Giant

Editing by Sean “Mac” McClellan

Maps and cover originally by Dyson Logos

Interior art by HodagRPG, Perplexing Ruins, and Amanda Lee Franck

OSR logo by Matt Jackson


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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