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This is a compiled reference document for playing picaresque adventure games in the old school tradition. These are the rules I use in my games and, as such, are written with the assumption that those playing are familiar with old school roleplaying games. It is intended for games focusing on delving the Dungeons of the Mythic Underworld and exploring the Wilds of the Borderlands. This game has grown out of my ongoing OSR hacking and is based primarily on Into the Odd, with ideas and mechanics inspired by Knave, Cairn, OSE, Troika, and the blogs of Luke Gearing, Necropraxis, Prismatic Wasteland, Gus L and I'm sure many more, the specifics of which I have mostly forgotten. This book would not have been possible without the help of my amazing wife, patient friends, and the wonderful folks on the NSR Discord server, especially Tam H. And Yochai Gal. 

It contains procedures for quickly generating classless characters, Dungeon and Wilderness explorations, fast and deadly combat, and general adventuring. 

You can also find an SRD with a character generator and an adventure at https://aasb.carrd.co

(Disclaimer: the game has changed a bit and the website has not been updated to reflect that. Apologies, it's on my to-do list.

Physical copies are now available at  Ratti Incantati

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